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NSC Talent Acquisition Specialist and Czech Republic lead – Mikaela Mollenhauer

Mikaela is the newest member of our global recruitment team and brings with her a vibrant and fearless approach to her work. This fervour which she also displays in her daily life has led her to various countries across the globe, taking in sights and adventures which would leave many people running in the opposite direction.

She is based in the much-loved musical city of Leipzig in Germany, which was once also home to one of the world’s greatest composers, Johann Sebastian Bach. Her venture into the recruitment industry started approximately 3 years ago and before joining NSC Global, she worked for one of the biggest IT service providers globally. Her skills have been honed predominantly in the German IT sector, however she is relishing the opportunity of now being able to work on diverse and challenging projects across Europe and the globe. 

Currently her focus is on providing qualified staff for the largest provider globally of communications and digital entertainment services. The location is the bustling university city of Brno in the Czech Republic. It is one of the safest countries in the world to live in, with it’s extremely low unemployment rate, it offers an exceptional standard of living and quality of life.

What we are offering to all keen and enthusiastic future employees:  

  • An opportunity to work for an international, independent and rapidly growing private company in the heart of Europe
  • 1 extra week of holiday per year (5 weeks in total)
  • Daily meal vouchers
  • Grow your skill base within IT (Networking)
  • Team building events
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Employee loyalty bonus
  • Sodexo Multi Pass Card extra bonus every month
  • Enjoy a good quality work-life balance with plenty of cultural and active opportunities

What are the attributes her ideal candidate should possess?
A passion for technology, great communication skills and a desire to deliver excellent customer service. As there are a variety of technical roles available, the required experience and qualifications also vary, with language skills in Italian, German, Spanish or French often being of vital importance.

To view all our current vacancies in the Czech Republic, please click on the following link – https://careers-nscglobal.icims.com/jobs/search?ss=1&searchLocation=13043–Brno or apply directly and send Mikaela an email:  Mikaela.Mollenhauer@nscglobal.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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