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How to optimize your CV for online candidate portals

So, you are currently looking for a new job, have signed up for LinkedIn and other relevant professional networks and are also putting your CV up on Monster or your country’s equivalent?

We at NSC want to help your profile to stand out among others, so that you are more easily found by your potential new company – which might just be NSC itself!

  1. Fill out as many fields as possible!

Even though it’s obvious that you speak your mother tongue fluently, enter that bit of info into the system. Otherwise, you will not show up in any searches that specify this element. Do the same for as many other specifications as you feel comfortable with, such as desired salary, desired working location et cetera – rather enter more info than less!

  • Throughout your CV, use different terms for your job!

Since there are some jobs that don’t have a 100% congruent and universally agreed naming convention, try experimenting with a few terms throughout your CV. The obvious example for us at NSCglobal are IT supporters and technicians – feel free to use synonyms so your CV is easier to find with more keywords, for example IT Supporter, IT Helpdesk Analyst, IT Technician.

  • Make it clear what your job profile is, from the beginning!

If there’s an option in which you can preview your profile on how it would look for a recruiter, do so. You’re infinitely easier to spot if your search result immediately points to your specialization, either via “desired job”, “current job” – or you can even include it in your name field! “John Doe – qualified IT Supporter looking for a job”

  • Make it easy to reach you with full contact details!

If you’re comfortable with it, make sure to enter your full email and phone contact data on your online profile and CV. Many Recruiters prefer to just pick up the phone and call you directly instead of going the prolonged way through the candidate databases’ messaging options.

With these tips, you should notice an increased amount of interest from Recruiters for your profile, and you will get more job opportunities to choose from.

Good luck and happy hunting!

In the meantime, why not check our currently open roles over here at nscglobaljobs.com?

We are looking forward to chatting with you!

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