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Words on the Pandemic from an NSC Recruiter

Who would ever have predicted that I would be writing an article as if we were living in some post-apocalyptic times.

My name is Mohammed Abeed and I’m a Recruiter with NSC Global.

I write this as I am on day 73 of a precautionary extended lockdown/self-isolation.

In terms of work, I am one of the lucky ones twice over in that 1) my managers are flexible and supportive and 2) I have good experience of working from home in the past so it is nothing new to me.

My typical work routine starts with hot tea and then on to the first emails and work prioritization for the day. Most of my day consists of interviewing candidates: I spend my time talking to people from different backgrounds and skillsets and, if all goes well, can offer them a suitable job in these hard times – this gives me immense joy!

Because of the unique nature of this pandemic, no-one is immune to its effects and everyone understands what you are going through. It is more essential than ever for me to remain focussed, positive, and in contact with my candidates and clients, communicating every step of the way, especially if there are delays due to the situation.

Even if things are tough, maybe slowing down, or loaded with all sorts of problems, these are the ways I get through it and what gives me strength to keep talking to great potential colleagues!

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