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Lockdown and Covid-19 has not prevented NSC from bringing on great new colleagues!

Spotlight on our recent joiner, Leona

Leona joined NSC at the start of the global lockdown. She is quite enjoying working from home although it has been hard not being able to meet her colleagues. However, she is looking forward to getting to know everyone once the restrictions are lifted, and also to socialising and going to restaurants again – Chinese food is her favourite.

Travelling is one of her passions and Leona is planning her future trips – visiting Japan is top of her list, but there are many places she would love to see and experience. Leona loves warm weather, she is happiest during the summer.

The film ‘Peaceful Warrior’, which is based on the book by Dan Millman and stars Nick Nolte, is Leona’s stand out movie. She enjoys films that make you think and this one focusses on the power of the mind and spiritual discovery.

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